QuickBooks Online (QBO) is streamlined and easy to use. But did you know that QBO can grow with your business, too? As your needs change, QBO offers seamless integration with third-party add-on applications in areas like accounts receivable and payable, inventory, and expense tracking. These customized add-ons can help you do more within the QBO system you know and trust.

Here are five of the best QBO add-ons to supercharge your business in 2018.

1. Bill.com

If you’re always juggling bills and invoices with multiple sources and approvers, it may be time to look at Bill.com’s advanced accounts receivable and payable tools. Fully integrated with QBO, Bill.com can provide growing businesses with more invoice and payment flexibility.

2. Expensify

Faster, easier, and more accurate expense reporting? Yes, please. With Expensify, employees capture their receipt images using their smartphones, and credit card purchases can be automatically imported. All of the data is approved online and synchronized in QBO in real time. Once you’ve approved an expense report, the employee’s reimbursement can be in their bank account the next day.

3. TSheets
TSheets is a great add-on to know about, because it automates scheduling and remote time-tracking for hourly employees (two things not available in standalone QBO). TSheets lets your staff use their smartphones to track their hours and submit timesheets online. It lets you create online schedules, too. Best of all, it connects your schedule and time-tracking with QBO, so that timesheet information is transferred to payroll processing automatically.

4. SOS Inventory
Got inventory? SOS Inventory picks up where QBO leaves off, allowing you to create sales orders, track cost history and serial numbers, and document work in progress across multiple locations and throughout the pick/pack/ship process. If your business has inventory to manage, SOS makes it easy.

5. Insightly CRM

Building loyal customer relationships is key to your business’s long-term growth. But QBO’s customer data only tells part of the story. When you integrate Insightly CRM into QBO, you get powerful customer relationship management and project management tools. Take advantage of every opportunity with full customer profiles, email history, and sophisticated tracking to boost sales.

Need help deciding? Let’s talk.

A QBO add-on could be the solution you’re looking for – or, there may be tools within QBO that will meet your needs. The Gibbons & Gibbons team of Certified QuickBooks Pro Advisors can support you with expert QBO training and recommendations. Contact us to learn more.

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